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The Village Tourism Trust provides expertise and other consultancy services to assist village communities and entrepreneurs to identify and analyse their natural, historical and cultural heritage resources, and to develop them into appropriate, viable and sustainable new tourism attractions, facilities, services and experiences that will meet the needs and expectations of various market sectors.

What is cultural heritage?

The following was written by Robertson Colleens of the Pacific Asian Travel Association:

“Cultural heritage is an accumulation of daily details and large traditions, social, racial and religious.
Built up from time and memory, it may involve one-time, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated, impossible-to-duplicate buildings, shrines, sites and artefacts.
But more than structures, more than things, we experience an array, sometimes in disarray, of feelings, moods, colours, smells and street sounds.
It is an accumulation of ethics, foods, medicines and manners; the way people greet each other, love, hate, marry and bury each other.
It is their markets and their market goods.
It is money and how they earn it, count it and spend it.
It is the way people dress, drive, dance, die, weave, weep, worship and go to war.
It is their curses in the street, their prayers in the temple and their songs in the field.
It is plays, players and playgrounds.
It is how they sail and read and write.
It is instruments, tools, fabrics, dolls, doorways, music, metals, masks, boxes, beads, coffins, bottles, weapons, charms, utensils, posters, veils, skirts, hats and handshakes.
It is trees, rocks, caves, mountaintops, architecture, archives and archaeology.
It is the land and the residents’ sense of time, their sense of space and their story of creation.”



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In 2007 the Village Tourism Trust obtained a grant from the National Lottery Development Trust Fund for a project "The Almost Forgotten Legends"
As a result this delightful book "A selection of Legends and Folk stories from the Valley of the Olifants" was published in 2012.
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